Last Semester Bucket List

The road to the real world is a long one, but who’s to say it cant be fun?  I am finding that it is important to take advantage of the situation I am currently in, because I’ll never be here again.  I decided that while in my last semester it was time to do things that I’ve always wanted to, but never had the time to do, or just simply forgot. East Lansing is a great place full of hidden gems, and I’m using these last  few months to try them all.  I decided to make a “Last Semester Bucket List”.  The list started pretty basic, just things like, try every bar in EL that I haven’t been to yet, including

  • ·      Landshark
  • ·      The Riv
  • ·      HopCat
  • ·      Any Bar Downtown Lansing


After that, I thought about the things that I miss from freshman year, and of course, number one on that list is the Caf! So, I loaded up my Spartan cash and made a list of Caf’s I want to eat at before I graduate.

  • ·      Landon
  • ·      Akers
  • ·      Shaw
  • ·      The Union
  • ·      Brody

As embarrassing as this is, I’ve never been to one of EL’s best attractions; Pinball Petes.  I have wanted to go since I was a freshman, and since my real world tralnsition is coming up soon, I think I should get my arcade fix out of my system now, before its just considered to be weird.  I have also added a few things to my bucket list that aren’t East Lansing specific, such as getting a new tattoo.  Since this is such a big transition in my life, I want to get something that represents this stage, and will forever remind me of this scary, yet exiting stage in my life.

I hope I get to do all of the things that end up on my bucket list, if for no other reason than to say that I did it.


Wait… You Mean I Can’t Stay in College Forever?

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been a student.  Every form I’ve every filled out, under occupation, I put “student “ without ever worrying about it.  This year when I filed my taxes, it finally hit me that this was the last time I’ll ever get to do that.  Starting May 9th, I have to have a real job to put under the oh-so scary “ Occupation” title.   This realization has hit me like a train, and it has been lingering in the back of my mind for a while now, hence, this blog.  0314_unemployed

After the shock of this recognition passed, it was time for me to do something about it.  My first step was Google (I am a product of my generation, I know).  Indeed was my main resource, and I looked on the site for days just staring at the jobs hoping that if I looked at it long enough, it would magically apply for me; kind of like when you stare at the refrigerator waiting for new food to appear.  Turns out, that don’t work, so step 2 was to find the jobs I wanted.  I looked specifically in the Atlanta area for sports communication jobs, and I found a few I really liked.  atl

Step 3; apply.  This was harder than expected, especially when I realized cover letters were created by the devil himself.  Thankfully, my brother who is much more acquainted with the real world than I, called me and offered to go over my resume and cover letter.  I am currently in the process of making the final adjustments to my cover letter, and almost ready to apply. 

However terrifying this process is, I’m trying to enjoy it as well.  It is exciting to think that in 4-6 months, when my friends ask me “want to go to the bar?” I wont my hungry bank account that has been feeding off college wages and returned bottles and cans. Wish me luck!